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    SU National Alumni Federation

    The Southern University Alumni Federation had its early beginnings from 1920-1932, when a group of graduates from the Normal Division (two year program), the Junior College of 1921-1922 and the first graduation class of the four year teacher training program of 1931-1932 formed an alumni group called the Southern University Alumni Association. Although the early alumni group was more social in nature than philanthropic, they were the forerunners of a more organized alumni group which was later formed on the Baton Rouge campus known as the Home Chapter.

    On November 17, 1941, the Southern University Alumni Federation was chartered by the State of Louisiana. Since its chartering the Southern University Alumni Federation has intermittently grown to include alumni chapters across the United States. More that 100,000 former students and graduates contribute their training and leadership to the world as educators, politicians, engineers, artists, ministers, doctors, nurses, attorneys, and military officers. Their professional contributions verify the significant role that Southern University, our alma mater, has held in Louisiana, the United States, and the world
    As we continue to grow, the purpose and objectives of the Southern University Alumni Federation remains clear:

    To unite into a single group the graduates and former students of the University.
    To foster a spirit of cooperation and fellowship between the Institution and its graduates.
    To promote the welfare of Southern University, through financial contributions.
    To encourage and stimulate high peaks of performance and wholesome school spirit.

    For more information visit or call (225) 771-4200.

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    Washington, DC Chapter of SU Alumni Federation
    Post Office Box 75052
    Washington, DC 20013