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Southern University Alumni Federation
Our 2018-2019 SUAF-WDC Chapter Members 

Donna Adams

James Albritton

Bryson Alexander

Frank Alexander

Kwamme Anderson

LeVar Armstrong

Lynette Aytch

Kimberly Bagley Fortner

Ura Jean Bailey

Sylvia Bailey-Charles

Anthony Baise

Chasity Ball

Ebony Baylor

Ivory Berry

Rodney Bilbrew

Kenny Blackson

Jami Blackston

Sean Blount

Myesha Braden

Tyrone Bradley

Erin Braxton

Sabrina Breedlove

Kelly Brown

Lillie Brown

Quintus Brown

Verna Brown

Vincent Brown

Sabrina Burrell

William Burrell

Alicia Butler

Theonita Butler

Jaide Carswell

Valencia Brown Chenier

Naomi Collier

Fantashia Cooper

Karen Cotton-Gross

Carla Cotwright-Williams

David Craig

Lance Curry

Perry Daniels

Ursela Daniels

Chonya Davis-Johnson

Andrea Dawson

Carolyn W. Dinkins

Robert Dinkins

Kyle Douglas

Darrell Dudley-Govan

Mary Dunaway

Armond Duncan

Evy Edwards

Angelia Farnell

Justin Ford

Marva Frazier

Larry Frelow

Ophelia Gosserand Stephens

Anthony Green, Jr.

Brittany Green

Danyell Griffin

Mieke Hampton

Anetra Harbor

Sheila Harmon

Debrina Harrell

Janette Harris

Rudolph Harris

P. Lee Harvey

Leonard Haynes

Willie Hensley

Donald Hickman

Charles Hicks

Clifton Hicks

Willie Hines

Marlon Hite

Edwin "Eddy" Hogan

Chris Holland

Peggy Holland

Angela Hubbard

Tony R. Hunter 

Patrice Isaac

Daryl Jackson

Danny Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Mary A. Johnson

Renee Johnson

Wilfred A. Johnson

Carol Jones

Edna Jones

Laurne' Jones

Vonda Rhodes Kemp

Gwendolyn King

Kelley King

June Lane

Isaac Larry

Curtis Lawrence

Edgar Lewis

Edwin Lewis

Gary Lockett

Treffaney Lowe

Staci Luckett

Jerrard Maniece

Jeremy Maniece

Amos Matthews

Dana Matthews

Shayla McCullough

Elyse McFadden

Ivan McGee

Ericka McGowan

Cassandra McGowan

Carrie McHenry

Cedric McNeal

DeWayne Miles

Jocelyn Mishoe

Roger Mishoe

Erica Moss

Shahidah Muhammad

Jonathan Newell

Victor Nichols

Kendra Perkins Norwood

Debo Ogunrinde

John Oubre

Marquia Parker

Gabriel Patton

Yolanda Pearson

Krystal Perkins

Chelsea Pickens

Adrian Plater

Michael Plowden

Philip Pratt

Nicole Priester

Linda Reed

Anthony A. Rene

Ursula Robinson

Cindy Rosales-Cooper

Brian Salsberry

Thoressa Sanford-Love

Damien Savage

Elsie Scott

Belinda Sholas

MacArthur Sholas

Antoria Simms

Calvin Sims

Bettye Smith

Don Smith

Willie Smith Jr.

Maya Solomon

Karl Spells

Jerome Stephens

George Sutton

January Taylor

Angela Thomas

Megan Thomas

Doug Turner

Kimleon Turner

Regina Valentine

Paula Verrett

Kim Walk

Regina Ware

Donald Webb

Giselle Whitfield

Pamela Whitley

Angela Williams

Bettina Williams

Carolyn Williams

Willie Williams

Yul Williams

Beattra Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Norma Wilson

Jaqi Wright


Membership Renewal
Fiscal Yr: July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

To renew
 click here.

Next Alumni Meeting
Saturday, 12 August 2017

11:00 AM


Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library
4450 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC

Metro Tenleytown-AU


Becoming A Member:

Membership in this chapter is open to the Following:

  1. Regular members are those persons who hold degrees conferred by Southern University at any of its campuses.
  2. Associate members are those persons who attended Southern University at any of its campuses for at least one school session but did not receive a degree, diploma, or certificate from Southern University.
  3. Affiliate members are those persons who did not attend Southern University but are interested in advancing the cause of the University. Affiliate members shall not hold elected positions but can be appointed to non-elected positions by the President of the Chapter.
  4. Life Members (Paid In Full) membership is applicable only after satisfying the National Federation’s membership dues requirements as specified in the National Federation’s Bylaws.  This membership level denotes Life membership in the National Federation, not the local Chapter.
  5. Regular & National Dues Membership requires the payment of both local chapter dues ($50) and National Federation dues ($50).
  6. New Graduate Membership is eligible for those graduates who are joining the chapter within the first year of their graduation date.  No local or National Federations dues payments are required within that first year.
  7. Regular & New Life Member membership includes the local chapter dues plus the one-time Life Membership payment.

How Do I Become A Member?

  1. Please complete the form below if you are interested in membership or need to update your membership information. Or to request an application, contact .  All members, except when requested in writing, are recorded in the Washington, DC Alumni Chapter Directory data bank.
  2. Submit your payment for the appropriate level, listed below.
  3. Attend chapter meetings. For the next chapter meeting click here.

Membership Dues:

Southern University Alumni membership dues are payable July 1st annually.

Dues structure is as follows:

  • Regular Member:                    $50
  • Associate Member:                 $50
  • Affiliate Member:                     $50
  • Life Member (Paid In Full):       $50
  • Regular & National Dues:         $100
  • New Graduate Membership:     $0
  • Regular & New Life Member:    $550

NOTE:  All Paypal payments include a $2.00 handling fee (if less than $100 total) and $10.00 handling fee (if over $100).

We are always looking for alumni & supporters interested in joining our organization.

If you are not able to join at this time but would like to make a donation to the organization, please click on the "Donate" button below or mail a check to our P.O. Box.  The SUAF-WDC Chapter is a recognized IRS 501c3 organization.  Your donation is fully tax deducible.  Any amount you choose to donation is greatly appreciated.

Membership Dues

Make a Donation

Your tax deducible donations, in any amount, are always accepted and greatly appreciated!  Your generous donation will enable the chapter to continue its programs and events for the purpose of aiding students and supporting the 5 campuses in the Southern University System.  You will receive a receipt for your donation.  Thank you for your generosity!

Alumni Member Update/Contact Form
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If you would like to add your contact information to our database, please submit your name and contact information in the form below.

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The SUAF-WDC Chapter had a great time on Friday, 15 March for SU & Friends Happy Hour at Sim's Creole Kitchen Pop Up at 1400 Irving Street NW #109.   See you at the Crawfish and Crab Boil on Saturday, 4 May at Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, VA.

The 2019 Family and Friends Crawfish and Crab Boil is Saturday, 4 May at Fort Hunt Park.

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