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Local Membership Types

Regular Membership - those persons who hold degrees conferred by Southern University at any of its campuses.

Associate Membership - those persons who attended Southern University at any of its campuses for at least one school session but did not receive a degree, diploma, or certificate from Southern University.

Affiliate Membership - those persons who did not attend Southern University but are interested in advancing the cause of the University.  Affiliate Members shall not hold elected positions but can be appointed to non-elected positions by the President of the Chapter.

New Graduate Membership is eligible for those graduates who are joining the chapter within the first year of their graduation date.  No Local or National Federations dues payments are required within that first year.

Local Membership Dues

Regular Membership:  $50

Associate Membership:  $50

Affiliate Membership:  $50

New Graduate Membership:  $0 - NOTE:  Initial payment of $50 is required, but will be refunded back

NOTE:  All Paypal payments include a $2.00 handling fee (if less than $100 total) and $10.00 handling fee (if over $100).

Membership Dues

National Alumni Federation Membership

Please access the Southern University Alumni Federation's website using the button below to submit your National dues.

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