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     Southern University and A&M College is a comprehensive institution offering four-year, graduate, professional, and doctoral degree programs, fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The University today is part of the only historically black Land Grant university system in the United States. It offers bachelor's degrees in 40 areas, 19 master's, two doctoral, and three associate degrees. An average of 9,000 students are enrolled each year at the Baton Rouge campus.

    The Baton Rouge campus is located on Scott's Bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in the northern section of the city of Baton Rouge. The city parish has a population of more than 500,000 and serves a cultural, political, educational, and industrial center for South Louisiana. The campus encompasses 512 acres, with an experimental station on an additional 372- acre site, located five miles north of the main campus

    Southern University Marching Band

    The marching band is renowned around the world. Also nickname the Human Jukebox. Southern University's Marching Band from thhe Jaguar Nation, Simply mention their name and fans go wild. The band boost a 170-piece ensemble. Without question, the marching band had always embodied a unique sound, precision and greatness.  Performing before Presidents, Royality and diverse fans across the world.

    Mr. Natham Haymer became the Southern University Director of Bands in Summer 2014.  He is responsible for every aspect of the Southern University Band program. He conducts and oversees all department ensembles.  Dr. Lawrence Jackson was the Director of Bands from 2006 until his retirement in 2014.  Dr. Jackson continued the great legacy left by former band directors Dr. Isaac Greggs and Dr. Ludwig Freeman.  Dr. Isaac Greggs, a former Southern graduate, had the unique ability to mix old school sounds with new school moves deem him a genius of his time. Southern University's Marching Band has been voted by USA Today as the number one marching band in the country and Sport's View Magazine voted it as the number one collegiate marching band.

    For prospective student, this is what you will have the opportunity to experience a piece of history-live and in person. To hear the echoing of the drums throughout the campus as the band practice before a game, sends excitement through the air.

    Take a moment to view a clip from one of the bands performances. ENJOY!

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